Fascination by Edelholz

EDELHOLZ is the innovative specialist at the finishing of oak floorings. With our surfaces we strengthen the properties of this incomparable natural wood, so that each plank is unique.

Our philosophy in surface treatment: colour means the wood itself for us. Every single piece, every single plank has its own colour, and all differ a bit from the others. The beautiful play of colours is achieved by the various reactions after the different, natural surface treatment methods.

Our floorings can always be renewed and refreshed without sanding. The regeneration and refreshment of the floorings can be done with for this purpose intended care materials, carried out by professionals. We are conscious about conservation since we think about sustainability also when caring our floorings.

As time passes, slight changes may occur in the colour intensity of finished surfaces. Although in all cases of oxidative oil finishing UV-blocker was used, a newly finished flooring always looks more fresh and vivid than an installed „old” flooring. Sun exposure and natural light may fade the colour of oil treated floorings. This is a normal, natural process that we cannot counteract.

These natural changes occur especially on floorings with special surfaces, e.g. smoked-white oiled surfaces.