About us

About us

Our company, which is 100% Hungarian owned, is located in Zalalövő, near the Őrség, which is inarguably one of Hungary’s most beautiful parts. The company is spreaded out on 6.9 hectares, with 190 employees, processes 13.000 m3 oak wood per year, which produces 200.000 m2 EDELHOLZ wood flooring.

Our main marketing regions are Switzerland, Austria, Germany and China. The Hungarian market has a special place in our hearts, we are hoping to increase the number of Hungarian households having EDELHOLZ oak wood flooring.


It was more than a quarter of a century ago that the European-wide uniqueness of the Hungarian oak wood brought to life our wood processing company. Today the 3rd generation is working on our products and the company’s continual development. After years of hard work, we have finally reached the point where we are able to produce exclusively high-quality wood flooring.

The Hungarian oak

Noble and timeless. These are the two characteristics that the Hungarian oak is known for, and this is the oak from which our EDELHOLZ floorings are made of. West Hungary’s weather gives this oak its beautiful light brown colour and unique structure. Oak gives a special atmosphere for any place, thanks to its age and history it radiates peace, safety and stability which are getting more and more valued in today’s fast-moving world. Our goal is to maintain and convey these values towards our customers, and to make it possible for them to enjoy these values and this natural atmosphere in their homes throughout generations.

Our mission

Our misson is to produce premium quality, natural wood flooring, which lasts for generations. Our goal is to satisfy our customers‘ needs, to continously develop our company and to provide our employees with a safe livelihood.


Our solid wood flooring’s permanent and high quality is what distinguishes us from our competitors. We have the advantage of the huge log and timber stocks, precise storage, huge drying capacity, high-tech profiling machines and unique surface treatment machines.
The perfect drying is guaranteed by our high quantity of log and timber stock, then during a long acclimatising period we let the wood reach its final humidity. The most perfect solid wood flooring’s production is guaranteed by our climatized production halls.


In our production we mix modern technology with our craftsmen’s decade-long experience. They give us traditions and the past’s values. Besides the oak‘s 120 years of history, our craftsmen’s past also comes alive in our flooring, this is what makes every handmade piece unique and unrepeatable.


As Manufacturers we think it is important to emphasize that during the production of our EDELHOLZ flooring we pay attention to environmental awareness. With the introduction of the FSC system, we have joined the internationally acknowledged Forest Stewardship Council’s main goal to help promoting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests. We acquire our raw material from forestrys that also promote sustainability to make sure that even our grandchildren will see the forests’ rich wildlife and experience their magical atmosphere.